IMAGINE CORPS is a learning and service program for youth in our communities — our future impact makers. It’s designed to provide 21st Century facilitative leadership, creative problem-solving, collaboration, and resiliency skills they need to help succeed in school, work, and relationships.  It also affords them a chance to use these skills for immediate impact in the community with local non-profits – helping them create the new solutions and engagement they need.

About the Program

Who is it for?

  • Students who want to make a difference in their community while receiving skills and experiences that will give them an edge in all they do.

  • Community Non-Profits who need a youthful boost of energy and ideas to address a real challenge or opportunity facing their cause and/or the worthy constituencies they serve.

  • Corporate Supporters & Sponsors who want to aide youth while at that same time bolstering their communities in demonstrable and noteworthy ways.

  • Mentors of Innovation & Creative Problem-Solving who want to pass on to future-generations the transformative impact this body of knowledge can have.

What you'll get

  • Experiential training and practice as CREATIVE PROBLEM-SOLVERS and COLLABORATIVE INNOVATORS.

  • Application of skills in Breakthrough Sessions for local community non-profits ---helping them invent solutions to key challenges while accelerating your own learning.

  • Conducted Live Virtually – with interactive hands-on exercises using Zoom, and other virtual platforms.

  • Led by a seasoned instructor with more than 20 years in innovation facilitation, training, and coaching.  

  • Two Signature Programs from which rising high school and middle school students might choose.

  • Follow-up Small Group Coaching with students to integrate and activate tools personally.

  • Follow-up Concept Refinement Labs with students and non-profits to move ideas forward into action.

  • End of summer Concept Jam & Celebration to share learnings & engage concepts with all students, parents, non-profits, and supporters.

Your Instructor

Two Signature Programs

2020 & 2021 Non-Profit Challenge Owners

We’re thrilled that our 2020 & 2021 Imagine Corps cohorts are working with these wonderful community non-profit organizations to invent solutions to the challenges they bring forth.

Heading 3

Key Dates

  • Student/Parent Info Sessions (Zoom)  Feb 9 & 11  2021 7-8 pm (Info Session Signup)

  • Upcoming Workshop Dates                 Breakthrough Thinking Feb 15-16 or Feb 18-19 ​​                                                                          Spring & Summer Dates  - Announcing Soon  

  • Concept Jam & Celebration                   End of Season

Workshop Pricing

Breakthrough Thinking*



2021 Dates

Feb 15-16 or

Feb 18-19 

 * Pricing includes workshop plus follow-up Small Group Coaching,

Concept Refinement Labs, and end of summer Concept Jam & Celebration.




2021 Dates Announcing Soon

 * Pricing includes workshop plus follow-up Small Group Coaching,

Concept Refinement Labs, and end of summer Concept Jam & Celebration.

 Scholarships available.       Class size is limited.     

Apply to reserve your spot.   


Thank you to our first Corporate Sponsors for helping us to bring these proven programs to youth and their communities!


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