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IMAGINE CORPS is an innovation learning and service program for youth in our communities — our future impact makers. It’s designed to provide 21st Century facilitative leadership, creative problem-solving, collaboration, and resiliency skills they need to help succeed in school, work, and relationships.  It also affords them a chance to use these skills for immediate impact in the community with local non-profits – helping them create the new solutions and engagement they need.

About the Program

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Who is it for?

  • Students who want to make a difference in their community while receiving skills and experiences that will give them an edge in all they do.

  • Community Non-Profits who need a youthful boost of energy and ideas to address a real challenge or opportunity facing their cause and/or the worthy constituencies they serve.

  • Corporate Supporters & Sponsors who want to aid youth while at that same time bolstering their communities in demonstrable and noteworthy ways.

  • Mentors of Innovation & Creative Problem-Solving who want to pass on to future-generations the transformative impact this body of knowledge can have.

What you'll get

  • Experiential training and practice as CREATIVE PROBLEM-SOLVERS and COLLABORATIVE INNOVATORS.

  • Application of skills in Breakthrough Sessions for local community non-profits ---helping them invent solutions to key challenges while accelerating your own learning.

  • Conducted Live Virtually – with interactive hands-on exercises using Zoom, and other virtual platforms.*

  • Led by a seasoned instructor with more than 20 years in innovation facilitation, training, and coaching.  

  • Two Signature Learning & Invention Workshops from which high school age teens might choose.

  • Follow-up Small Group Coaching with students to integrate and activate tools personally.

  • Follow-up Concept Refinement Labs with students and non-profits to move ideas forward into action.

  • End of summer Concept Jam & Celebration to share learnings & engage concepts with all students, parents, non-profits, and supporters.


* With COVID easing, we are exploring in-person and virtual cohort pilots for Hopkinton, MA, Martha's Vineyard, Dayton, OH, St. Thomas, and elsewhere this summer.  

Your Instructor

Your Instructor: A seasoned facilitator, coach, and trainer with more than 20 years experience working with leaders to create growth and meaningful change. Joe Gammal's focus has two natures – creating breakthrough solutions and embedding capabilities for a more innovative culture to take root. The personal reward -- knowing these new ways of interacting can lead to the greater success and happiness in all aspects of life.

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Two Signature Programs

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Sample Non-Profit Challenge Owners

We’re thrilled that our Imagine Corps cohorts are working with a growing list of wonderful community non-profit organizations to invent solutions to the challenges they bring forth.

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A Taste of Imagine Corps -  Experience & Info Sessions

Sign up for a 1 hr FREE hands-on session to both learn about Imagine Corps and offer ideas to help a non-profit solve a real live challenge that needs new thinking.

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Key Dates

  • Free Taste of Imagine Corps 1hr Experience/Info Sessions​​

    • Signup for May 26, 2022 -- or others (see sign-up) 

  • Summer Workshop Dates -- wks of July 4, 18, or 25, 2022

  • Coaching and Refinement Labs -- in the weeks that follow

  • Concept Jam & Celebration  -- End of Season

Program Pricing

Breakthrough Thinking+ Collaboration*


2022 Dates

Weekly in 


 * Pricing includes 12 hr workshop PLUS
6 hours of follow-up Small Group Coaching,
Concept Refinement Labs, and end of season Concept Jam & Celebration.
Sponsored cohorts are free to students.



2022 Dates
to be announced

 * Pricing includes 18 hr workshop PLUS
6 hours of follow-up Small Group Coaching,
Concept Refinement Labs, and end of season Concept Jam & Celebration.
Sponsored cohorts are free to students..

 Scholarships available.       Class size is limited.     

Apply to reserve your spot.   


Thank you to our first Sponsors & Partners for helping us to bring these proven programs to youth and their communities!

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